KRCA Kentucky Roofing Contractors Association: Support Roofer Certification Bill HB302 Summary

    Support Roofer Certification


    Protect Consumers from Fraudulent Roofing Contractors

    Sponsored by Rep. Steve Riggs, HB 302 is designed to protect consumers by requiring roofing contractors to be certified and registered in order to do business in Kentucky.

    The Kentucky Roofing Contractors Association developed this proposal over the past three years through multiple meetings with the Attorney General, the Homebuilders Association, the Associated General Contractors, the insurance industry, and the Department of Housing, Buildings & Construction.  All agree:

    • Roofs cost an average of $7000 to $9000 — and Kentucky families deserve protection from fraudulent roofers.
    • Complaints against roofers to the Attorney General’s Office have more than tripled since 2011.
    • Complaints against roofers are the No. 1 complaint at Kentucky’s Better Business Bureaus – averaging about 300 complaints the in recent years.

    These bills exempt:

    • Contractors for new homes and buildings;
    • Owners of homes and buildings when replacing or repairing their own roofs;
    • A farmer or tenant working on buildings they own or rent; and
    • Contractors operating in a community with local roofing permitting and inspections – to ensure that no roofer will be required to essentially get two roofing licenses.

    This bill differs from a similar bill in 2014 in that the $75 permit fee has been replaced      by a $25 consumer protection surcharge.

    The bill would not create more bureaucracy.  Many communities already require licenses — and contractors in these areas are exempt in this bill.  And the Department of Housing, Building and Construction (HBC) will absorb the administration of this program.

    The bill would not mean more unnecessary “government intrusion.” The need for roofer certification and registration is critical: To protect Kentuckians from one of the most expensive and fastest growing consumer complaints in the Commonwealth:

    Support HB 302.  Protect Kentuckians from Fraudulent Roofers.