Winter is here!

    With the mercury falling and weather beginning to take a colder turn, it is essential to protect your roofing investment.  The best way to ensure your building stays dry until spring and beyond is with routine inspections.   Here are a few tips for keeping your roof in excellent shape:

    1. Check roof for signs of fatigue from the fall.  The transition points (i.e. stacks, vents, expansion joints, walls and perimeters) take the brunt of building movement as the temperature rises and falls.

    2. Blocked drainage is a major cause of roof leaks.  After strong winds and heavy rains, keep roof drains and scuppers clear by removing debris.

    3. Check HVAC access panels to make sure they are in place and securely fastened.  These can damage the roof surface if left off the unit.

    4. After strong winds, inspect your roof for membrane uplift, especially at perimeters and elevation changes.  Also inspect for displacement of ballast, fascia and sheet metal flashings.  On metal roofing and siding systems, inspect for fastener and panel uplift or distortion.

    5. Once snow and ice arrive, periodically check for ice damming along your gutters and around roof drains.  Ice dams can prevent water from draining properly.  Gradually water can force its way through minor roofing deficiencies and seep into your building.

    6. Avoid shoveling snow off your roof!  Come to us with any questions you may have.