Code of Ethics

    KRCA Certified Contractors operate their businesses with the highest level of integrity. It is the goal of the KRCA to provide consumers with the best roofers in the industry. Our Certified Contractors must comply with our code of ethics and our certified members go to even greater lengths to meet the high standards of the KRCA. If you are a consumer looking for the best or a contractor wanting to be one of the best, review our code of ethics, and then contact the KRCA for more information.

    1. I agree that I will constantly seek to provide the best value possible to the consumer.

    2. I agree that I will use the NRCA Roofing and Waterproofing Manuals and/or the manufacturer’s specifications as a guide for all work that I do.

    3. I agree to treat all my employees in a fair and ethical manner.

    4. I agree that I will not knowingly enter into any contract, the terms of which may imperil the rights of either labor or the suppliers of material to receive a fair return for services or goods furnished.

    5. I agree that I will not purposely misrepresent myself, my company or any warranties nor will I otherwise knowingly engage in any type of fraud.

    6. I agree to comply in spirit with all rules and regulations prescribed by law for the health and safety of the community and the environment.

    7. I agree that I will not perform, or caused to be performed, any act which would tend to reflect negatively on, or bring into disrepute, any legitimate part of the roofing industry.

    8. I agree that I will fairly convey and honestly explain any and all proposed or executed roofing warranties.